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By urbanstew • • 6 Jan 2012

ur·ban·STEW   [ur-buhn stoo]

1. Safe Terrain for Experimental Work
2. urbanSTEW is an arts collective dedicated to inspiring and expanding the relevance of digital arts in the community. Our commitment to education, artistic practice, and creative tool development grows out of immediate public needs and interests.  We are passionate about helping people and engaging audiences through participation. We are dedicated to sharing our skills and knowledge with all who are interested.
3. urbanSTEW makes digital art, teaches people to make digital art and develops tools to create art.

Can be confused with: rural soup, suburban porridge, urban, urbane recipes.

Arizona ArtBeat Interview:

Watch urbanSTEW on AZ PBS channel 8 ArtBeat, Nov. 17, 2011, host Ted Simons.

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