About Us

urbanSTEW – urban safe terrain for experimental work

Anyone, given the right tools, time and mentorship, can make the kind of art and media they need to tell the story they want to tell. We seek to work with you – an individual, an organization, a school – to help you achieve this.

When we created this organization in 2009, we defined ourselves as:

“A collective of artist-hackers/dancer-musicians/educators-performers ¬†who work collaboratively with community partners to solve community-centered needs through a techno-arts practice.”

For 10 years, we experimented with different tools and techniques for engaging our communities. At the time, access to and knowledge about how to use tools for creating digital media, was still relatively rare for the everyday person. To bridge this gap, we designed and hosted community-based experiences that provided people with tools and skills creative in their own everyday practices. These included concerts, festivals, and educational workshops in physical computing, circuit-building and music-making.

In 2011, Arizona PBS Channel 8 ArtBeat’s Ted Simons asked our then co-directors Robert Esler and Jessica Rajko to talk about why and how urbanSTEW focuses it’s work.