Since the inception of urbanSTEW in 2009 as an art and technology collective, our mission has been to make art, teach art, make tools for artists and support other artists. Starting in 2019, we are bringing this mission to the children in our community.

urbanSTEW seeks to ground our artistic and technical practices in a multicultural approach. As a Phoenix-based collective, we are physically situated on ancestral lands that have been home to diverse peoples. To demonstrate respect and gratitude for this gift, we believe it is essential to develop projects that dignify all people who call this place home.

As musicians, visual artists and technologists, our work continues to draw direct influence from traditional, folkloric, and ethnic traditions. In the past, this has included American Indian, Chicano and Filipino worldviews and ways of being. Moving forward, we will continue to engage with these and other people and cultural practices as part of our artistic development.