Intonarumori Bike Box

The bike box is played by spinning the bicycle pedal. The speed of spinning controls the speed of the playback. Different buttons can also be used to:

  • play the sample at its natural speed (green button)
  • toggle the sample to be played back (yellow button)
  • stop playback (red button)

Rob’s audio notes

This box plays back a sample at a variable speeds using a bicycle pedal and wheel unit.

How we built it

The box follows our general box design with these modifications:

  • Parts of a child’s bike are used as follows: the pedal turns a wheel, which turns a DC motor via a rubber ring (from a pool filter). The turning motor generates an electric current, which is read by the Arduino and passed on to the Raspberry Pi. We scavenged the DC motor from and old tape player, so it came with a plastic disc with grooves which was very useful in attaching the motor to the rubber ring.
  • Three push button / LED assemblies were also connected to the Raspberry Pi via the Arduino.

Box Fabrication Pictures and Videos

For more pictures and videos, see our Facebook page.