Intonarumori Water Box

The Water Box is played by operating a bellow. By pushing the bellow, users blow air into a jug of water, which produces bubbles. The sound of the bubbles is then picked up by a hydrophone, and processed by the Raspberry Pi.

Rob’s audio notes

The box uses a hydrophone input which is then passed through a custom comb filter, reverb, and ring modulation.

How we built it

The box follows our general box design with these modifications:

  • We placed a jug of water inside the box. A silicone tube was run from the bellow into the jug of water. A hydrophone was also fed into the jug. The hydrophone was connected to a pre-amp, the output of which went to the audio interface connected to the Raspberry Pi.

Box Fabrication Videos

Testing the hydrophone.

For more pictures and videos, see our Facebook page.