The Amyloid Project – Performance

The Amyloid Project


As part of this project, urbanSTEW is developing multimedia dance performance piece. The dance performance will be approximately 30 minutes in length and will include original choreography by Jessica Rajko, image projection by Lisa Tolentino and sound compositions by Robert Esler. Costumes will be designed and created by the Emmett Ramstad, who is also creating the sculpture’s textile layer. Below are excerpts from rehearsal, projection image drafts, and excerpts of sound.

Beginning stages of rehearsal:

The Amyloid Project Rehearsals 1 &2 from urbanSTEW on Vimeo.

The Amyloid Project – Dance Rehearsal, Protein Strand Phrase from urbanSTEW on Vimeo.

The Amyloid Project – Big Dancey Phrase from urbanSTEW on Vimeo.

First Draft of projection and audio:

IDP 1 audio from urbanSTEW on Vimeo.