The urbanSTEW aims to discuss a variety of topics in the arts and technology. We are a group of artists from all disciplines doubling as computer hackers, programmers, designers and educators. Our shows will talk about everything from society/culture, history, education, disability, local arts and artists, digital technology in the arts, and even some practical skills and technology. The mission of the urbanSTEW is to provide you with a diverse look at all the arts in our society and global cultures.
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The urbanSTEW


Arts in Space?

Part I
Part II
Part III
Arts in Space? – asks the provocative question of which has more value in our society, science or the arts? Or is the difference really just a state of mind? Part I, lays the general scenario of why are there no arts in space and a brief history of music consumption.


The ability of disability

The ability of disability is an interview with Lisa Tolentino, a musician and scholar, and her thoughts about the connections between disability and contemporary music.


Indigenous Media

Indigenous Media is an interview and discussion with Phoenix-based artist, Christopher Martinez. We discuss current trends in media and the concept of indigenous knowledge systems.


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