PLAY! Interactive Exhibits

Saturday, March 24th inside MADCAP

Each installation tackles aural, visual, and musical/rhythmic perception from a unique angle.

Exhibits by :

Melissa McGurgan and Peter Bugg

“Unseen Footage”

You are being watched, observed, examined, possibly even scrutinized. You are also looking yourself, inspecting your surroundings, scanning, focusing and disregarding. Perhaps you have even been caught staring. By watching others, you alter their experience. And your experience is affected by the gaze of others. Observation is a privilege. Watching is power. Privacy is a luxury.

Galina Mihaleva and Jessica Rajko/urbanSTEW

Interactive Garments – “Untitled”


“Groovology II”

Groovology is a skill-based game where people compete against themselves and others as they demonstrate their innate groove-abilities. Inspired by a post-Guitar Hero world, where good grooves can defeat evil.

Cristyn Magnus

“Eartudes” and “Combat Music”

Eartudes are a series of personal etudes. They can be performed alone or by the audience in a concert setting. The pieces can only be heard by the performer. Sounds are produced by the hands on the body. Sounds are filtered ambient sounds made with the hands on the ears, or very soft sounds made with the hands on the body that are transmitted to the ears through the body rather than the air. Eartude 1 is for solo ear; Eartude 2 is for stereo ears; Eartude 3 is for the whole head. Notation is animated.

Ben Luke

“Audio Game”

“Audio Game” is a piece created by aspiring game developer, Ben Luke. This game explores the challenges of designing games within a restrictive environment by reducing one of the major aspects of common video games: visual feedback. This strategy prompts the question of how to create an interactive gaming experience without relying on common gaming tropes.

David Tinapple


Delay Interrogations from David Tinapple on Vimeo.

“I interrogate my friends. They are wearing headphones that delay their auditory feedback producing confusion and frustration. Bright lights respond to the volume of their voice. But somehow, they manage to fight through the distraction and confusion to say some amazing things.”


Musical Machine and Instrument Building

MakerBench will exhibit several different DIY instruments and allow participants to help assemble and use them from parts made in their
shop. They’ll also operate a MakerBot 3D printer that can produce 3D plastic objects and play its own electronic music.


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