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7:30pm Concert – “Stretch – Move – Phase”

Location: MADCAP Theaters Courtyard (outdoors)

Crossing 32nd Street and choreographer/dancer Jessica Rajko share the stage with found instruments and stretch fabric electronics. 7:30pm – Opening Reception and Interactive Installation Preview, followed by concert.

  • Music for Pieces of Wood by Steve Reich, with Crossing 32nd Street
  • Living Room Music, Part II by John Cage, with Crossing 32nd Street
  • Introspect for dancer by Jessica Rajko, with Naomi Goodman
  • Drumming, Part I by Steve Reich, with Crossing 32nd Street

SATURDAY, March 24th

1pm Concert – “The Body Electric”

Location: 101 Distribution Theater (MADCAP)

In Lucier’s “Solo for Performer,” brainwaves vibrate an orchestra of percussion instruments. Magnus’ “Percussion vs. Percussion” is a two-player battery of instruments that creates a new language for playing the classic Pac-man video game.

  • 33.42N -111.94E by Garth Paine and Robert Esler
  • Solo for Performer and Enormously Amplified Brain Waves – Alvin Lucier; with LOrkAS (Laptop Orchestra of Arizona State)
  • Hypercube by Billbob Brown and Dulce Dance Company
  • Music for Electric Metronomes by Toshi Ichiyanagi’s; with Courtney Brown, Yi-Chia Chen, Jeremy Muller
  • vs. Computer by Cristyn Magnus; with Robert Esler
  • Percussion vs. Percussion by Cristyn Magnus; with Robert Esler and Lisa Tolentino
  • BBLVL by Perry Cook; with LOrkAS (Laptop Orchestra of Arizona State)

SATURDAY, March 24th (cont.)

3pm MakerBench Workshop

Location: MADCAP Theaters 2nd Floor Lobby

Compose with machines, make your own instruments, and perform in a mini-ensemble.

SATURDAY, March 24th (cont.)

7:30pm Showcase Concert – PLAY! with Crossing 32nd Street

Location: 101 Distribution Theater (MADCAP)

Phoenix’s premiere contemporary music ensemble Crossing 32nd Street performs master percussion works in this rare offering of works for birds, bells, large rooms, bongos, and bowls with chopsticks. This evening, X32st features Robert Esler, Casey Farina, Doug Nottingham, Brett Reed and Lisa Tolentino.

  • Music for Pieces of Wood by Steve Reich
  • Nightingale by Robert Esler
  • I Am Sitting in a Room by Alvin Lucier
  • Living Room Music, part I-IV by John Cage
  • So-Called Laws of Nature, Part III by David Lang
  • Drumming, Part I by Steve Reich

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