PLAY! A Festival of Arts and Technology

The squid at PLAY!

March 23-24, 2012

At: MADCAP Theaters

Mill Ave. District, Downtown Tempe

“A treat for your inner child.”

Our Mission: to bring new ideas about digital art in society to the valley.

Play is fun. The more we play, the more we learn, think and feel. At PLAY we invite audiences of all ages and backgrounds to experience art in an interactive and exciting setting.

What is PLAY?

PLAY is a festival of music, dance, and digital art that celebrates the union of the arts and technology.  This year’s theme is disability perception.

PLAY hosts music and dance concerts, activities and exhibits that focus on human limits and abilities.

At PLAY we do things differently.  We find music in teacups and flower pots.  We dance with our ears and hear with our eyes.  We play video games with our voices, and can even make our voices disappear right before our eyes. We do not discriminate against any technology, if it works we will use it.  At PLAY we move, we groove, we make, we shake, and the best part is we play.

PLAY is for all ages and encourages fun — at times we think a little too. We will play for you if you come PLAY with us.

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