Groovology – An interactive rhythm game. Groovology is a skill-based game where people compete against themselves, and others, to test and analyze their groove-abilities. The game is inspired by a post-Guitar Hero world where good grooves can defeat evil. Groovology is in it’s very early stages and will eventually evolve into an immersive game experience […]

Radio Healer

Radio Healer – a cross-cultural music, dance and technology collaboration. A past urbanSTEW supported project. “Radio Healer is an art project facilitated through patient and respectful cross-cultural partnerships between artists of Native American, Chicano, Ilocano, European, and Euro-American backgrounds. These partnerships form dialogues where artists mentor each other to create ritual performances that demonstrate respectful, […]


In 2010 and 2011 urbanSTEW produced a series of monthly workshops on a variety of topics concerning technology and the arts. PAST STEWSHOPS JANUARY: MAX/MSP, SOLDERING, ARDUINOS, AND PEBBLES NOVEMBER: PHYSICAL COMPUTING OCTOBER: VIDEOGRAPHY AND VIDEO EDITING SEPTEMBER: INTERACTIVE ART DEVELOPMENT   PAST WORKSHOPS ANDROID WORKSHOP Our first workshop covered the basics of Android development. The […]

PHX Fringe Festival

Phoenix Fringe Festival – Interactive Arts Showcase Curated interactive artworks by local Phoenix Artists. urbanSTEW partnered with the 2010 Phoenix Fringe Festival to present local artists’ interactive art projects at different venues of the Phoenix Fringe Festival. All art presented was participatory or audience interactive in some nature. Artwork spanned from a wood block playset for all […]

Case Study

  Performance art and dance piece- Case Study was a nonlinear narrative in which two sides of the same story were woven together, first online across several websites and later in a live performance. Case Study delved into issues such as online identity, research bias, research ethics, manipulation, control, abnormal behavior diagnosis, and online identity. […]

Rehearsal Assistant

Mobile phone application supporting the rehearsal process.  Rehearsal assistant can be downloaded on the Android Market. REHEARSAL ASSISTANT PLATFORM The long term goal of Rehearsal Assistant is to be a wider software platform for facilitating rehearsals in the performing arts, with additional uses beyond the arts.   click here to watch the video on YouTube The […]