Case Study


Photos by Tim Trumble

Performance art and dance piece-

Case Study was a nonlinear narrative in which two sides of the same story were woven together, first online across several websites and later in a live performance. Case Study delved into issues such as online identity, research bias, research ethics, manipulation, control, abnormal behavior diagnosis, and online identity. The process of creating Case Study also explored more practical issues such as working within an interdisciplinary collaborative team and exploring new marketing and audience building techniques. The piece’s first iteration began online through different networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Blip.Tv, and YouTube, as well as through a website specifically dedicated to the project, It was then performed as an evening-length performance incorporating original choreography, script, music composition, and video art.

Case Study was lead by urbanSTEW director Jessica Mumford, in collaboration with co-directors Stjepan Rajko, Christopher Martinez, Meredith Martinez. The piece was performed by a small group of dancers. Three performances were held in the Digital Arts Ranch on ASU Campus February 27 – March 1, 2009. Ongoing rehearsals took place over the course of one year. This activity was funded by the Performing Arts Venture Experience (p.a.v.e.) grant offered through ASU’s School of Theatre and Film.


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