The Amyloid Project

The Amyloid Project Outreach through Art A collaboration between urbanSTEW and ASU Physics Professor Dr. Vaiana, the purpose of this project is to create a multifaceted artwork that will bring research about intrinsically disordered proteins to life.  Makezine just recently featured our work in progress, read more here: Primary Project Components The Steel Amyloid Sculpture: […]

Radio Healer

Radio Healer – a cross-cultural music, dance and technology collaboration. A past urbanSTEW supported project. “Radio Healer is an art project facilitated through patient and respectful cross-cultural partnerships between artists of Native American, Chicano, Ilocano, European, and Euro-American backgrounds. These partnerships form dialogues where artists mentor each other to create ritual performances that demonstrate respectful, […]

Case Study

  Performance art and dance piece- Case Study was a nonlinear narrative in which two sides of the same story were woven together, first online across several websites and later in a live performance. Case Study delved into issues such as online identity, research bias, research ethics, manipulation, control, abnormal behavior diagnosis, and online identity. […]