Animal Companion

Animal Companion was an exhibit at the Heard Museum for their Super Heroes exhibit from May 2015 to August 2015.  The basic idea was to incorporate five animals that are significant to several native tribes in Arizona into an interactive media installation. Our design concept was for people to enter our corner seeing a desolate […]

The Amyloid Project

The Amyloid Project Outreach through Art A collaboration between urbanSTEW and ASU Physics Professor Dr. Vaiana, the purpose of this project is to create a multifaceted artwork that will bring research about intrinsically disordered proteins to life.  Makezine just recently featured our work in progress, read more here: Primary Project Components The Steel Amyloid Sculpture: […]

Intonarumori :: Noise Machines

Project Inspiration:  A Brief History of Intonarumori For examples of urbanSTEW’s Intonrumori go here: Intonarumori – urbanSTEW  The Intonarumori came from a futurist art movement fathered by experimental painter and composer Luigi Russolo.  Russolo was considered to be the first “noise artist.”  In 1913 he wrote L’Arte dei Rumori, translated as The Art of Noises.  In this […]